"After meeting with several dealers, I went with Atlanta DogWatch. They exceeded my expectations in all areas with great service, training and support. I highly recommend this company! You will NOT be disappointed..."
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-Peggy Hambrick
Cumming, GA

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United States Patent Protection

DogWatch® products are protected under 6 separate U.S. Patents. The most important of these lays exclusive claim to our FM radio technology.  Filed by DogWatch® in 2001 and awarded in 2002, this product innovation provides a great advantage over older, less effective AM Radio technology that is offered today by ALL DogWatch® competitors.
To learn more about this click U.S. Patent #6467435
Top 5 Reasons to Choose DogWatch®
  1. Technology

    DogWatch® stands out from ALL other brands of Hidden Pet Fencing by being the most innovative and forward thinking provider of state-of-the-art technology in the entire industry.  We're always looking for ways to improve the effectiveness, reliability, and safety of our products.  For example, DogWatch® offers the ONLY hidden fence product that uses an FM radio signal.  Our patented SafeLink® FM Radio technology protects your pet from unintentional collar corrections caused by a number of common household AM radio-electronic devices. 
        DogWatch® Exclusive Technology Advantages
           A.  FM Radio Signal (Patented)
  2. Cost (and Environment) Savings

    DogWatch® R9 collar-receivers offer a 2 year battery life, which is 8 times longer than the rest of the industry. When you add up and compare the money spent on collar-batteries over the full lifecycle of a hidden pet fence, DogWatch has the lowest Total-Cost-of-Ownership in the business. Changing collar-batteries much less often means you’re less likely to forget, making DogWatch the safest choice for your pet as well as the least expensive. Fewer batteries also means less waste to the environment, making DogWatch the “Greenest” Hidden Fence in the business.  
  3. Guaranteed Containment

    Atlanta DogWatch maintains a 100% success rate for keeping ALL dogs safely in the yard.  The reasons for this are; having the most effective & technologically advanced equipment available in the industry that adjusts specifically to your pet, and sticking with our customers until a complete solution is in place.  We commit & deliver to every customer that, regardless of temperament, ALL dogs will be contained by DogWatch®.
  4. Quality

    Atlanta DogWatch thoroughly inspects every new hidden fence installation to make sure it was done perfectly.  Because of this, a DogWatch® installed fence has the best chance of surviving long-term mistreatment from Mother Nature, Landscapers, etc.  From External Lightning Protection to grass-to-concrete transitions, DogWatch® goes the extra mile every time to ensure you have the highest quality hidden fence in the business.
  5. Professionalism

    No other company in the industry puts as much effort, quality, and integrity into the process of acquiring a Hidden Fence.  From the initial in-yard consultation, through the fence installation, to the service after-the-sale you'll not find a better company to do business with.  It’s no wonder DogWatch® has been the Consumers Digest #1 most recommended Best Buy EVERY YEAR since 1998!

DogWatch® Hidden Fence is a Consumer Digest BEST BUY

Recognizing our commitment to safety, value, and advanced pet fence technology, Consumers Digest has awarded DogWatch® Hidden Fences with a “Best Buy” rating every year since 1998.

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