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Frequently Asked Questions


How does it work?

A hidden wire, buried underground, carries the harmless, low level FM radio signal around the containment area (your yard). Your dog wears a receiver that is attached to a collar-strap that emits a mild stimulation, or correction, when he/she gets close to the hidden fence boundary. With an indoor dog containment system, the hidden-fence wire runs around your couch or other containment area completely hidden from view. DogWatch also offers "wireless" indoor units that do not require the installation of a boundary wire. Ask your local Dealer to show you the options.

How does my pet learn where the fence boundary is?

Your pet is first trained by a DogWatch Dealer and learns the containment area through specific voice commands, audible warning signals from the receiver-collar, and visual flags that are set along the hidden fence boundary. For 5 to 7 days your dog goes through several training sessions each day that last for several minutes each. Throughout this training your dog picks up on the placement of the flags and learns to stay within the containment area. After the training period is completed the flags are gradually removed from the yard. From that point on if your dog travels within a set distance from the boundary he’ll hear a warning sound indicating he’s gotten too close to the fence. If the dog actually reaches the boundary fence, he will receive a mild correction.  

How is DogWatch® different from Invisible Fence® and other brands?

At DogWatch, we utilize exclusive safety and convenience features that make DogWatch the best product in the pet containment industry. There are several significant differences:
  • DogWatch is the only hidden fence system that uses an FM radio frequency. Our patented SafeLink® FM Digital technology is exclusive to DogWatch. The FM signal provides the most reliable protection from unintentional collar activation. This can be caused by stray radio signals coming from a number of common household electronic devices. Other pet containment systems, such as Invisible Fence®, work on an AM radio frequency and are more susceptible to picking up stray signals which can cause your dog to receive a correction even when they’re not anywhere near the hidden fence boundary. This is why all police and fire department radios use FM frequencies exclusively. The FM radio signal is more secure than an AM signal.
  • DogWatch R9 receivers offer a two-year battery life — an average of eight times longer than the other brands, including the Invisible Fence® brand. When the battery runs out, guess who else runs out of the yard? Our long battery life helps keep your pet safe, costs a fraction of what you pay for other pet containment systems, and is good for the environment.
  • DogWatch receiver-collars have a status light that is easy to view and a great convenience feature. It tells you if the receiver is operating properly, indicates what training level you’re using, as well as when the battery power is low.
  • DogWatch includes a unique feature that allows you to alert your dog with an audible-only reminder as he/she approaches the hidden fence. Invisible Fence® does not offer this pet-friendly™ feature.
  • DogWatch features the broadest pet training correction range in the industry. Whether your pet is very timid or highly energetic, we have a distinct training-correction level that will uniquely meet your needs.
  • YOU can adjust our patented, programmable collar-receiver to the training level that works best for your pet's personality and size. No need for a service call or any other charges to adjust your equipment.

Are there other benefits to the DogWatch® Hidden Fence?

  • DogWatch R7, R8, and R9 receiver-collars offer an exclusive AutoMemory™ feature. The receiver constantly monitors your dog and automatically adjusts the correction level if he/she decides to "challenge" the boundary.
  • All DogWatch receiver models feature FastReact™ — the fastest response time in the industry. At 0.125 of a second response time, if your pet challenges the hidden fence the receiver-collar will react immediately — at the beginning of the avoidance zone — not when your dog is half way through it. This feature helps ensure that your pet experiences (and responds to) the hidden fence while still INSIDE the yard.
  • The DogWatch pet-friendly audible-only training level allows you to initially train your dog using an audible "beep" tone. This is helpful when gradually introducing your pet to the collar’s affect, before setting it to an actual correction. Once trained, most dogs respond to the audible warning tone and no longer challenge the hidden fence boundary. Additionally, some customers set the system to audible-only after the dog is completely trained.
  • The DogWatch PT4 transmitter constantly monitors your hidden dog fence and informs you if there is a break in the underground boundary wire.
  • Your DogWatch Hidden Fence System has a lifetime equipment warranty when it is installed by an authorized DogWatch Dealer.
  • All authorized DogWatch Dealers provide you with superior technology and products to keep your pet safe at home. Additionally, your DogWatch Dealer is an independent businessperson, fence installer, and pet trainer who lives and works within your local community. He/She is ready to provide you with courteous and professional service.

Will the correction from the collar hurt my dog?

No. This type of stimulation-correction has been used in dog training for over 40 years. And, the level of correction can be adjusted (by you) so that your pet receives a stimulation according to its size and temperament. DogWatch products are used and recommended by Veterinarians.  

Will the system work for more than one dog?

Yes. There is no limit to the number of dogs (or cats) our hidden pet fence system can protect at one time.

Is the system safe during a lightning storm?

To effectively combat the negative affects of a nearby lightning strike, the DogWatch Hidden Fence System provides both internal equipment grounding (at the transmitter), as well as an external surge protector and grounding rod. DogWatch is the ONLY product that fully grounds the hidden fence as a protection against lightning.

What if my house loses electrical power?

If you experience frequent power loss, your Dealer can add a DogWatch PowerPak. This auxiliary power supply provides 8 hours of full power to your hidden fence system until your household electrical service can be restored.

How much does it cost?

DogWatch Hidden Fencing can cost much less than traditional dog fencing and do far more for you. For example, you can contain your dog withIN your yard, but keep him OUT of an adjacent pool area, garden, or flower bed(s). Contact your local Dealer for an onsite cost estimate. Our systems have been installed on the full range of available properties, from small urban yards to 200 acre orchards.

What if I move away?

Once you buy the system, you can expand it or take it with you when you move to another home/location.

How large an area will the system cover? What kinds of areas will it cover?

DogWatch offers models that can cover properties up to 200+ acres in size. You can contain your dog in or out of most anywhere, including interior features of your home such as couches, dining rooms, and counter tops. Contact your local DogWatch Dealer for a free consultation and onsite estimate.

How does my dog learn to use it?

Your Dealer will conduct the initial training with you and your pet. DogWatch has developed a comprehensive pet fence training program that takes about 10-15 minutes per day, over 5 to 7 days.  

Will it keep other dogs out of my yard?

The DogWatch Hidden Fence system is designed to keep your dog safe at home and out of trouble. It will only keep other dogs out of your yard if they are also wearing a DogWatch collar-receiver.

Will it work for pets other than dogs?

Yes. The DogWatch Hidden Fence system works great for CATS too. The fence-training for cats is slightly different than that for dogs. But it works exactly the same and is just as effective.

How old does my dog have to be before training can begin?

All dogs are different. Even within the same breed some dogs may mature earlier than others. When your DogWatch Dealer meets with you and your pet he/she will evaluate your pet and make a recommendation as to when the training should begin.

Will a DogWatch® system work with any dog?

DogWatch hidden fence systems work with ALL breeds, ages, and sizes of dogs. However, this type of product is not intended for dogs that have a history of aggressive behavior.

Can my dog get out of the containment area?

If the training was carried out fully and properly this will rarely happen. If your dog does get out of the hidden fence, check to make sure the collar is fitted snugly around your dog’s neck. Next check the status light on the receiver-collar to see if there is a warning-error being indicated. You may also need to increase the range of the hidden fence signal in order to keep your dog farther from the hidden fence boundary. And/Or, you may need to increase the correction level on the receiver.
If you have recently made some changes within your yard-property there may be a break in your underground fence wire. Your local Dealer is available to support you regardless of what may be going on with your system. There are many ways to fine-tune your DogWatch system to accommodate your individual needs. Call your local Dealer if you need help.

What else do I need to know about DogWatch®?

DogWatch has been surrounding pets with freedom since 1990, and we offer the only pet containment fence that uses an FM signal to protect your pet from the random corrections that sometimes happen with other systems. We’re a privately-owned, people-oriented company that takes pride in our quality customer service. Our engineers constantly research and develop new ways to make our products the safest for your pet and the easiest for you to use.
DogWatch® always strives to create the best pet containment products available in the entire industry!

DogWatch® Hidden Fence is a Consumer Digest BEST BUY

Recognizing our commitment to safety, value, and advanced pet fence technology, Consumers Digest has awarded DogWatch® Hidden Fences with a “Best Buy” rating every year since 1998.

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